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Data Center 

Your Operational backbone starts with your data center, network and infrastructure. From selecting a new colocation provider, migrating hardware, migrating to hybrid cloud solutions, refreshing network connectivity or changing the architecture in which your organization needs to support staff and customers. Vsol's data center services have you covered.

Asset Management

Be honest. No one wants or likes doing Infrastructure Asset Management. It is tedious, monotonous and boring. The truth is though, most organizations with accurate asset management disciplines experience a 30% cost savings in the first year.

Vsol provide asset management services to fit your needs. From merger and acquisition audits to truly understand not only asset valuation, but technical debt an organization could be taking on. Perhaps, your CMDB needs updating to get it to become the source of truth, or you need to understand your layer 2 network connectivity. 

Maybe you are looking to outsource you asset management because between staff turnover and lack of documentation, your tired of not knowing what you have, where you have it, or how it works. Vsol has the solutions you need to "Know your Infrastructure"


Our Solutions

Physical Audit

Cable Tracing

Managed Services



Combining data center colocation with strong third-party support and on-demand capacity services, businesses can take better control of their IT environment and see the benefits of the public and private cloud environment, with few of the downsides.

  • Freedom to choose

  • Business requirement flexibility

  • Consumption based model

  • Edge deployments or hybrid cloud

Vsol works with you to understand your data center and cloud strategy to bring you the best in class colocation partners that fit your needs. From there we work with both colocation and you to align expectations, solutions, costs, contract negotiation, and hand-over of space at no cost to our clients.


Migrations / Consolidations

Data center migrations (or relocation) are the process of deploying and transferring your existing data center operating environment to another (location or IT infrastructure), and requires a comprehensive process that involves systematic planning.


Vsol was build around data center migrations. So when we say we do 50 to 100 migrations a year, we mean it. We have developed our M.O.V.E. process that ensures the success of every migration from “Lift and Ship” to cloud migrations. It has been tested against 1000's of migrations.

We didn't stop there, we really put our money where our mouth was and developed our own migration software to automate repetitive tasks, mitigate data and planning errors, and simplify the execution and communication process of migrations.


Our Solutions

Our software to simplify migrations and maintain critical data center data


For the Do It Ourselves organizations, but we need a quick blueprint


Need a more A-La-Carte solution, where we do the heavy lifting (literally)?


For those where staff utilization is already at 110%, and you need all the help you can get.


Cloud / Edge

In today’s challenging business environment, it is more important than ever that a business run it’s operational backbone in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Cloud and edge solutions allow our clients to identify the most opportunistic place. From running workloads in the cloud to bring those workloads back in house, or taking workloads closer to the end-users on the edge, Vsol and our clients work closely together to build the strategy, processes and vendors that allow for complete agility.


  • Bare metal as a Service – With hardware backlogs and lead times, BMaaS brings to you dedicated and on-demand hardware for your deployments and gives you complete control from the OS to the application.

  • Infrastructure as a Service – The more traditional public cloud model that give you an infinitely scalable compute resource.

  • Platform as a Service – You complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, so you can deliver simple cloud based applications to complex and sophisticated enterprise applications.

  • Software as a Service – From Office 365 to almost every application you can think of, SaaS solutions provide you the application(s) for you to build, run and grow your business.

  • Edge Compute solutions – When latency is your biggest enemy, you need to get your compute, data and network closer to your internal or external end-users.

  • Edge gateway solutions – Future proof your edge network with a single platform for multiple virtualized services and vendors—moving from an inflexible architecture to one that is agile, software-driven and vendor agnostic.

Infrastructure Strategy & Execution

Vsol’s IT infrastructure strategy services are uniquely positioned to help you build a strategic plan that incorporates emerging technologies, best in class services, and next-generation capabilities aligned to your business priorities. We have proven experience in delivering successful strategies for enabling your digital transformation, while improving flexibility, security controls and IT resilience.


  • IT Infrastructure strategy - Assessment of your current environment and identifying bottlenecks and single points of failures in the environment, identifying potential serious risks with mitigation plans, and build the roadmap allows you to achieve your business objectives.


  • Operational Backbone Transformation - Focus on initiatives that bring visible changes to efficiencies of core business processes, and execute on transformation initiatives, including data center facilities, network architectures, server management, storage transisions, disaster recovery, backup and security in on-premises, off-premises or cloud based platforms.


  • Reference Architecture and design – Helping organizations create the framework for designing, selecting and deploying technologies in a scalable, modular and supportive way. Our reference architecture framework ensures that we are always bringing best in class solutions that future proof your environment for all the digital transformation pivots your business may take.

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