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Your Trusted Advisor

Digital Transformation for organizations large and small has accelerated into light speed over the last few years. 

Adaptability has become an essential foundation for businesses. Remote work, collaboration, connectivity, communication have all changed and become the new normal. Vsol started as a remote work organization and saw first hand the leadership challenges, communication challenges and productivity challenges with a 100% remote work force but we also saw the benefits and amazing opportunities that came from it.

The employee and customer experience bar has been set higher; the organization needs to adapt. The stakes are higher too, since employees can find jobs much more easily during this Great Exploration period where people are leaving old jobs and starting something new.

Adaptability requires a lot of honest discussion on how it’s working and what’s missing. Changes will have to happen quickly.

No matter where your organization is currently in your digital transformation, Vsol works with your to gain your trust by building the operational technology backbone  your organization needs to support your transformation. From your data center / colocation, to helping you build a highly resilient infrastructure, to implementing communication and collaboration solutions, or supporting your staff that is already over committed with managed services. Our team is dedicated to making your success a reality. 

Why Choose Vsol

Industry leading Solutions

As a trusted advisor to our client's,  the organizations we partner with and the services we provide lead the industry in performance, security and innovation.

Clear & Transparent Communication

We keep it real. We tell you the truth, even when it might hurt a little. We may even over communicate sometimes (for some of our clients), but we believe the foundation of trust and collaboration is built on truth and communication

Relationship First approach

We put our client's first, as we know our success is dependant upon your success. We will never put biased partnerships or sales spiffs before our clients. Our motto is "Doing the right thing, is always the right thing." 

Experienced Trusted Advisor 

Trusted Advisor gets thrown around a lot these days. Trust is earned through working together through the challenges and opportunities. From our in-field technicians to our sales teams, they have learned the hard way and are working to earn your trust everyday.

Our Projects


UNFI had a great data center migration experience. What sets Vsol apart from everyone else is their communication from start to finish. From the project management planning to their on-site technicians, everyone was efficient and handled with expert care. In addition, Vsol was able to accomplish the migration within a very tight 1 week timeline.  

Daniel Wynter

Data Center Operations Manager - UNFI

Vsol quickly became our preferred data center managed service provider. From the initial physical data center migration, every detail was thought through, documented and executed to almost perfection. From there is was a no brainer to have them managed our data centers moving forward.

Johnny NG

Head of Data Centers - Shutterfly

The Vsol team was great!  They were prompt, efficient, knowledgeable, and professional.  This helped to alleviate a lot of stress for us and allowed us to focus on the tasks we needed to complete without having to worry about the logistics of moving the equipment

Director - Global IT Infrastructure

OSI  Group

A Few of Our Clients

Client - Shutterfly
Client - Amdocs
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